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Whats the best way to adjust gap in spark plugs?

asked Nov 18 '12

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I have to change the gap for a couple of spark plugs... What's the best practise for doing this?

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answered Nov 18 '12

Johnny gravatar image Johnny
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Hi, thats relatively easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Clean the spark plugs thoroughly, and don't forget the gauge feeler.
  2. To find the right gauge, look for a spec sheet for your automobile in the owner's manual. Insert the feeler gauge between the electrodes.
  3. If it's to narrow, you won't get it in. Try to bend the electrodes a little.
  4. When the feeler gauge is between the electrodes, hit the top electrode gently or push it against a hard surface.
  5. Try to pull out and insert the gauge again..It should touch to electrodes, but not give any resistance.

Good luck!


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Asked: Nov 18 '12

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