What Are the 3 Wheel Motorcycles Called?

What Are The 3 Wheel Motorcycles Called


Are you a motorcycle enthusiast or planning to buy a new ride? If so, understanding the terminology associated with three-wheel motorcycles is crucial. These unique machines offer a different riding experience compared to traditional motorcycles. In this article, we will explore the various names used for three-wheel motorcycles and shed light on their characteristics. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mystery behind what these fascinating vehicles are called!

Three-Wheel Motorcycles: An Overview

Three-wheel motorcycles, as the name suggests, are vehicles equipped with three wheels instead of the usual two. This design variation brings several advantages and disadvantages to the table. One of the key benefits is enhanced stability, making them an attractive option for riders who may feel less confident on two-wheelers. Additionally, three-wheel motorcycles offer increased storage capacity and comfort, making them suitable for long rides.

However, it’s important to consider the downsides as well. Three-wheelers tend to be larger and heavier than traditional motorcycles, which can affect maneuverability. Additionally, some riders argue that the unique riding experience of balancing on two wheels is lost with three-wheel motorcycles. Despite these factors, the popularity of three-wheelers has been on the rise in recent years.

Three-Wheel Motorcycle Terminology

Before we delve into the different names for three-wheel motorcycles, it’s essential to address the confusion surrounding this terminology. The names used can vary depending on geographical location, personal preference, and even marketing strategies employed by manufacturers. This variety often leads to debates and uncertainty among riders. So, let’s try to bring some clarity to the subject!

Trikes: The Popular Name

When it comes to three-wheel motorcycles, the term “trikes” stands out as the most commonly used name. This informal word, derived from the word “tricycle,” has gained widespread popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts. The simplicity and ease of pronunciation of “trikes” have contributed to its prevalence in everyday conversations.

Trikes can be further categorized into different types based on their wheel configuration. Delta trikes, with two wheels at the back and one at the front, offer stability and a more traditional motorcycle feel. On the other hand, reverse trikes feature two wheels at the front and one at the back, providing a unique riding experience. Each configuration offers distinct advantages and appeals to different riders.

Other Names for Three-Wheel Motorcycles

While “trikes” is the go-to term for most people, there are alternative names used to refer to three-wheel motorcycles. One such name is “tadpole,” which might seem peculiar at first. The term “tadpole” refers to the shape formed by the two wheels at the front and the single wheel at the back, resembling the body structure of a tadpole. This term is more commonly used by motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate the distinct design and mechanics of three-wheelers.

Additionally, some people simply refer to them as “three-wheelers,” which is a straightforward and self-explanatory term. While not as catchy as “trikes,” “three-wheelers” effectively conveys the essence of these unique motorcycles.


In conclusion, understanding the various names associated with three-wheel motorcycles is essential for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers. While “trikes” remains the most popular term, alternative names like “tadpole” and “three-wheelers” also exist. Each name carries its own significance and reflects the characteristics of these remarkable machines.

So, whether you’re looking for stability, extra storage space, or a distinct riding experience, three-wheel motorcycles have got you covered. Embrace the world of trikes and explore the diverse options available in the market. To stay updated on the latest motorcycle trends, tips, and guides, visit Motor QA, a trusted source for all things motorcycles.

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